Software engineering is moving towards a paradigm shift in order to accommodate new CPU architectures with many cores, in which concurrency will play a more fundamental role in programming languages and libraries. HEP software will also need to accommodate the new hardware architectures by introducing parallelism whenever possible in order to make efficient use of all the available cores. This implies the development of new models and specialized software frameworks to assist scientists in developing their software algorithms and applications in order to benefit from all the available cores.

This web is an attempt to share knowledge among interested parties that should work together to develop 'demonstrators' and agree minimally on technology so that they can share code and compare results.

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Announcing Annual Concurrency Forum Meeting - April 1-2, 2014

The Annual Concurrency Forum Meeting will be held on April 1-2, 2014 at CERN. This meeting is the follow-up of the Annual Meeting that took place in February 2013 at Fermilab. We expect to have status reports from all the activities of the Concurrency Forum. The meeting will be followed by the HEP Software Collaboration Meeting in which the proposal for the creation of new software collaboration will be discussed.

TechLab project announcement

The IT department is preparing a new project together with PH/SFT aiming at improving the efficiency of our computing architecture and making better utilisation of the processors available today.
This best-effort activity is called Techlab and will gradually be made available over the coming months.
It consists of a several test systems, which users can book for a limited time, in order to improve their applications and evaluate the possible efficiency and performance gain, from both an optimised software environment and modern hardware.

CF4Hep Beta Release 0.5

A first concurrent Gaudi beta release 0.5 was released on Fri 28, 2013. 
This is the first step towards enabling the Gaudi event processing framework for running on many-core machines. It enables the framework to 

Announcing Annual Concurrency Forum Meeting - February 4-6, 2013

The Annual Concurrency Forum Meeting will be held on February 4th and 6th, 2013  at Fermilab, with the possibility to overflow parallel discussions a third day if required. This meeting is the follow-up of the first "Workshop on Concurrency in the many-Cores Era" that took place in November 2011. We would like to reserve Wednesday, February 6th for follow up discussions.

IT Seminar - Monday, September 24th at 11h

GPU acceleration of scientific applications: An update
by Dr. Peter Messmer and Mr. Edmondo Orlotti, NVIDIA
Monday, September 24th - IT Auditorium (31-3-004) at 11h


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